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help me .... fuck! [Nov. 21st, 2008|06:22 am]

Its pulling again, telling me what need to do. I cant even tell if its a want or need.


Its all in my head. You better come before its too late. Where the hell are you anyway? Im about to create a split personality.  Hold me back before I do it. The urge, not to, is far less. I have no urge to stop it.  Ita a matter of time.  No regrets, no worries. My head is swimmng, I need to feed my addiction or I want to feed IT> . FUCK!

I cant even begin to tell you what Im talking about. YOU WILL JUDGE ME.

I AM FUCKING INSANE! I can control it.... I think

thinks to my self... If I know Im insane then the insane dont now they are so im not so its real?

[User Picture]From: erauqs
2008-11-22 03:35 am (UTC)
Give it a leash with a lot of play.

Do you use an IM program?
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[User Picture]From: navimae
2008-11-22 12:41 pm (UTC)
I cant find the boundary, when to pull back
navimae on yahoo
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