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Why do we die? [Oct. 31st, 2008|08:15 am]
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Why do we die?

Idea #1:

SciFi Quantum stuff:

Inside every creature there is an infinite number of living conscience universes. Living similar to our planet/universe. They are all working to move “forward” in their illusion of time. Creating ways to leave their home and travel far seeking enlightenment and other things to relate to so that they can understand “the meaning of life”.

While living in their self absorbed enlightenment masturbation they forget  about keeping their home stable, it falls apart. In a tiny microscopic sort of way, then chain reacts due to more seekers, it turns out the body falls apart and dies.  Not only is it happing in you it is happening to someone else in an infinite numbers of way.

I thought of this while driving early this morning. It sounded alot better inside my head than here.

Just saw on the news where this guy started talking about death and the 3 stages. 1, body dies, 2, ground reuses the body, 3, no one speaks your name ever again,  Does that help decide who becomes a zombie and who doesnt?

Moral of the story is to quit seeking and just KNOW-

You know, you just don’t know you know.

Know that you know and you will.